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As a little girl I dreamt of far-flung adventures, a passport stamped with destinations, friends littered across the world. Well, although many in my family have lived that nomadic life, I don't feel I am missing out because I have created my own little piece of the world. Along with my most excellent husband and best friend, Tim, and our adorable daughter, Zoe, we have created our own fabulous life, filled with fun and laughter, travel when we can fit it in, long-lasting friendships, good food, good wine, and I already said it, FUN!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging? Really?

I read a lot of blogs, from cooking and parenting blogs, to fashion and to blogs about things going on where I live. I love blogs, but sometimes feel saturated with information and with other people's musings on their lives, which, let's be honest, are MOST interesting to the person writing it. Alas, I have always loved writing and feel that this is a time in my life where cool things are happening, so why not put it out there, right?! My family members and friends can peek into my life when they need a break from their own, and I can post cute pics of the fam. So, enjoy!

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