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As a little girl I dreamt of far-flung adventures, a passport stamped with destinations, friends littered across the world. Well, although many in my family have lived that nomadic life, I don't feel I am missing out because I have created my own little piece of the world. Along with my most excellent husband and best friend, Tim, and our adorable daughter, Zoe, we have created our own fabulous life, filled with fun and laughter, travel when we can fit it in, long-lasting friendships, good food, good wine, and I already said it, FUN!

Monday, February 14, 2011

When it rains, it pours...but then you eat steak.

The Meyer household had a tough week last week. Besides the -20 degree temps that makes life so enjoyable, we experienced
1) A flat tire (ended up being two flat tires) as Zoe and I were headed off to work and school, resulting in a wonderful bill from the car repair place;
2) Zoe caught pinkeye, an ear infection, and a cold, resulting in Tim staying home with her Thursday, and me staying home with her Friday, not to mention the two lovely visits to the doctor (if you want details on why there were TWO appointments, you'll have to ask Tim);
3) While I was home with Zoe on Friday morning, I realized that the house felt cold. Really cold. I checked the temp. 65 degrees. That is not normal. I pumped up the heat, and all I got was a blast of cold air in the face. Called the repair guy, long story short, $500 and a very cold 6 hours later, we had heat again.

Anyway. Why dwell? We ended up having a nice weekend, and capped it off with this delicious dinner, eaten at 8:00 p.m. after the two-year old was in bed, as most people with young children know is the only time to eat dinner in peace:
  • New York strip steak marinated in red wine and garlic
  • Crispy delicious brussel sprouts roasted in olive oil
  • Sweet potatoes with a homemade sricha mayo (if you have not tried sweet potatoes with a spicier sauce, you must)
  • bread pudding with blueberries.

Long story short - bad things happen every day, but if you just power through, things get better. And you can eat steak.

Happy Valentine's Day

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